Monday, April 20, 2009

Petit Trianon: Franco-Anglo-Chinese Garden

PT-Anglo Chinese Park Bench
For the past six months I've been pouring over "Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles". A big thank you to Thomasine Guisse for recommending it!

In the process I like to believe that I have gained a bit more insight into the queen's personality as well as the history of the
French landscape garden. While Versailles had its Garden à la française, the Petit Trianon was graced with both a French and an English garden, or should I say a Franco-Anglo-Chinese garden.

I do find the idea of a Franco-Anglo-Chinese garden both fascinating and amusing so I'm taking my first, tentative steps in developing one. Since every good garden needs plenty of benches where one can relax and enjoy the view, I have recreated a rather grand one that is associated with the Petit Trianon. More stylish than its "country cousins" of the Queen's Hamlet, this elegant bench with it's elaborate carving & paint could not withstand the rigours brought on by winter and so spent the colder season tucked away in the basement of the Queen's Theatre. Fortunately for us in sl, the bench can be used the whole year through ;)

PT-Anglo Chinese Park Bench

This bench comes with five sit animations, three in the seat which can be changed through a HUD and one in each arm.

You will find the Petit Trianon-Anglo Chinese Park Bench for sale at my main store, along the lake of the Queen's Hamlet and on the SL Marketplace

For more information about "Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles" see the image below.

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