Monday, August 17, 2015

BEEing Rocca Sorrentina

Rocca Sorrentina is one of those wonderful Second Life estates that always has something splendid going on.  Seeing as they are my southern neighbours I'm rather spoiled with views of their shores & news of their activities.

When I heard they were hosting the To Bee or Not to Bee Hunt I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snoop  er ... explore some of the less traveled routes through their fair land so I put on my best exploration outfit and set off on a summer adventure.

A helpful hint card gave me clues as to the whereabouts of the twelve hidden bees and warned me that my prey was going to be rather small, as bees tend to be.  Just as well as I really didn't fancy running for my life from an over sized bumble!  You just never know in Second life.

Now I have to admit that my hunting skills really aren't the sharpest as I tend to drift .....

Apparently the citizens of Rocca could sense this as everyone was eager to distract me from my search: the printer wanted to show me his latest work; the baker needed kneading help; the florist wanted her garden weeded (as though I don't do enough of this at home).