Monday, January 18, 2010

Quest for The Queen's Trumeau

Quest for The Queen's TrumeauOnce upon a day gone by
a lady came to France
to aid the queen as well she could
in court, as fate perchanced.

As the months and years were spent,
a deep, fond friendship grew
between the Queen and this young girl
that no one could undo.

Her majesty was vain of heart
and had a Trumeau gold
it's gilded frame, it's fragile glass
a wonder to behold.

A glass so finely crafted
it gave back more than took
and all who viewed themselves in it
wondered how fair they looked .....
By SkyeRyder Varriale

The Duché de Coeur announces its first RP Quest with a hefty RP$ Prize among the goodies to be found at the end. The Quest is expect to last for several weeks and everyone is invited to partake in the fun! Find out more at Quest for The Queen's Trumeau

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Duché de Coeur: The Coeur Fair - Help Wanted

The Coeur FairThe Duchy will begin hosting a monthly Fair the first weekend of every month with the first one slated for February 6th & 7th. This will be an opportunity to meet & mingle with your fellows and have an all-around good time in a relaxed, country atmosphere.

The use of the RPS Role-Play system is encouraged (but not necessary) to take full advantage of this event. Find out more at Duché de Coeur - RPS Getting Started.

Set up will begin 6am Friday February 5th. Take down 6pm Sunday February 7th.

A schedule of event times will be posted so that you know when you are most likely to meet people there. Each participant will be limited to 20 prims though exceptions may be granted (contact me to arrange for more prims). You will be assigned a specifc area for your set up.

We are looking for a variety of people:
Merchants - selling goods for RP$. You can do this a number of ways including the use of RP$ Vendors (contact me for more information) or by actually being present and selling the items directly. Bartering & trading is encouraged. Any item applicable to the time period is welcome including, food, herbs, flowers, art, healing potions, furniture etc. There will not be a charge for these merchants.

Merchants - selling RPS Compatible goods for L$. Spaces are limited and there will be a L$100 fee to participate.

Merchants - selling goods for L$. Spaces are limited and there will be a L$100 fee to participate.

All merchants are encouraged to be present Sunday February 7th from 12pm to 2pm SLT at a minimum.

Services - earning RP$. It would be great to have people offering different services: healing, fortune telling, musicians, magicians, jugglers, kissing booth (PG kisses only ;) ) Please use your imagination! The times for these will be advertised as individual events.

Contact TatianaDokuchic Varriale (here or inworld) for more information, to reserve your spot and/or to schedule an event time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ephemera Designs: Historical Costumes in SL

Ephe Luik is the creative force behind Ephemera Designs. Her historical costumes are made with a lot of love & I just love to wear them. This fabulous video shows off some of her collection and I'm delighted that she used my version of The Queen's House in the Queen's Hamlet for some of her interior shots.