Monday, November 26, 2012

Duché de Coeur: Cross Country Ice Skating

Winter at the Coeurs means sitting in front of a warm fire with friends after skating through the Coeur countryside!
This is a fabulous way to see the stunning landscape.  Starting at Lieu d'Idylle, you will travel through gorges, over lakes, around windmills, under and over bridges, through tunnels, and along canals, all while fighting the snow in your face.  Race with your friends!
The 10 region course is clearly marked with both logs and arrows.  At normal "Run" speed (CTRL-R), the course takes about 15 minutes to complete when there is no one else in the region.  If you just want to explore, feel free to jump the logs and visit other waterways.
Text & Illustration: Bedrich Panacek