Friday, August 16, 2013

Adventures w Flat Rod: Languedoc Coeur Chapel

Having serenaded Flat Rod in the Coeur Opera House and danced the minuet with him in the Ballroom (see Adventures w Flat Rod: Rod Humble Crept into my Life) I felt it was time for some quiet reflection so off we went to the Languedoc Coeur Chapel.

It was quiet, the air so still that it was easy to imagine that old incense still hung over the altar. No light filtered through the stained glass windows but the walls were wonderfully illuminated by the tall, wax tapers.

Flat Rod waited patiently, little beads of moisture forming on his brow as the warm air condensed on his cool, cardboard forehead.
It reminded me of all the nervous grooms I had seen standing at that very same altar anxiously awaiting their brides, fearful that a crash would wreck havoc on the planned ceremony or that chat lag would be interpreted as a hesitation to commit.
All those assembled would turn down their settings, cross their fingers and finally breathe a sigh of relief when the happy couple made their way back up the aisle.
Out into the ballroom we would go, ready to toast the newly weds and dance the night away.
And so back out I went with Flat Rod, into the sunshine, ready to continue on with our adventure.
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Photos: Tatiana Dokuchic

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