Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Remarkable Redouté

Nicknamed "The Raphael of flowers", Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) was an artist entranced by the beauty of nature.  Born to a family of painters, Redouté began his career as a religious artist, travelling around Europe decorating various churches. Eventually he made his way to Paris, concentrating his talents on botanical illustration. His beautiful renditions of roses, lilies and other "specimens" elevated work of scientific accuracy and classifications to the realm of magnificent art which is still enjoyed today.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Perfume fit for a Queen

Jean-Louis Fargeon  (1748-1806), Marie Antoinette's official perfume maker, treated her to numerous perfumes and scents many of which where for her exclusive use.  From perfumed gloves to sweet smelling sachets and toilet waters, the French Queen used this extension of her love of flowers to enhance her daily life.  She truly believed that perfume helped to keep both her body and spirit healthy.

A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer by Elisabeth de Feydeau recounts the life of Faregon, from the day of his birth to his final escape from the guillotine.  Along the way, we also learn intmate details of Marie Antoinette's life and of the court that surrounded her.  Of particular interest to me is the creation of Parfum du Trianon, a custom scent meant to capture the atmosphere of her beloved Petit Trianon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tatiana's Tea Room: Now Online in SL Marketplace

I'm delighted to announce that Tatiana's Tea Room is now available online in the new SL Marketplace!

Though it took me a while to get everything shipshape (why oh why did I use so much BBCode on XStreet that couldn't be translated over?!), I'm quite please with the results & I hope that you like them as well.  All in all, It seems to me that the SL Marketplace is actually a much better shopping experience than XStreet. This is very exciting and I plan to be added more to my online store in the days to come!

I've also given my twitter page, Tatiana's Tea Room on Twitter a fresh new look. If you would like to follow me there I would love to reciprocate, just give me a shout.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Coeur Fair - Grape Stomp

It's been a lazy summer for me in the Coeurs but now that September is here, it's time to get back to work!

Stormy, MariaLouisa & I certainly didn't waste any time before starting the traditional "Grape Stomp" at the September Coeur Fair. We predict that this year's vintage is going to be particularly good!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Duché de Coeur: A Featured SL Destination!

Linden Lab has Featured the Duché de Coeur in their Destination Guide!!

Journey back to late 18th century France, to a time where Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson sought aid from the French during the Revolution. Attend a concert at the opera house, shop in the village, have tea at a mill, and enjoy the simple pleasures of this idealistic French countryside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

SecondLife: SecondYear

Bedrich, Skye & Tatiana toast to their SecondLife SecondYear

Where does the time go?  We just celebrated our second year as co-owners of the Duché de Coeur.  Many thanks to all of our friends & neighbours who have joined in the fun and contributed to the community!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Duché de Coeur: Egg Decorating Contest

Duché de Coeur Egg Decorating ContestThe Duché de Coeur is delighted to announce it's Egg Decorating Contest.  Open to all courtiers of the Royal Courts, prizes will be given in both RP$ & L$.  Two hundred RPS Influence Points will also be awarded to every contestant.

Eggs may be mechanical or static with a maximum of ten prims per entry and a limit of one entry per person.  Eggs should reflect the historical nature of the Duché.

Eggs will be displayed at the Coeur Fair beginning Monday, March 29th when voting will begin.  Prizes will be awarded Saturday April 3rd during the fair.

Contact TatianaDokuchic Varriale for information.

Congratulations!! (April 25, 2010):
1st Place: Fellice Babii - Search for Persephone
2nd Place: Harleywan Haggwood - Duchy Egged
3rd Place: Pekel Panacek - Dance Macabre; Candace Ducatillon - Duche Easter Egg; Trasgo Beaumont - The Souvenir

It was a pleasure to see the thought & creativity that went into all of the entries.  Thanks to everyone that participated!!

The Queen's Trumeau - A Final Look

Norma's Trumeau by Seamus Gabardini
Norma now enjoys frequently gazing in her own trumeau.  Seems that Seamus didn't have room for his trophy in the cottage.  Photo by Seamus Gabardini.

The Traveler closed the door of his room at the the tavern behind him and sat heavily on the bed. Hunched over and with his head in his hands he looked like a man weary to the bone but after a few moments he sat up straight and on his face was a look of sheer joy. Despite his tired body, his soul was free for he had found it! He had in his possession all the pieces of the Queen's Trumeau! He glanced wearily at the bag holding the pieces then decided after a few moments to take a closer look at the legendary thirteenth piece. As he crossed the room he noticed the bag was no longer the same shape as when he placed it on the floor. As he drew near, he hesitated for he knew something wonderous had happened. Crossing slowly to the bag he knelt and opened it to find the Queen's Trumeau intact and as beautiful as the day it was made! He sat on the floor and gazed at himself in the mirror and saw instead of an old man, one much younger and less wise.

"As tempting as it is," he said to himself, "I much like the man I am today for one cannot trade youth for wisdom." With a smile he placed the Mirror carefully back in it's container and wrapped it with cloth. He then rose and went down to the tavern to see Maria, his stepdaughter.

"I have a present for you," he said with a smile as he approached her where she sat in the garden court.

"One always accepts presents with a smile, " she said as she began to open the wrap. As the mirror came into view and she realized what it was, she began to cry. "But, how can this be?" she said with tears of joy.

"I don't know Lass, " said the traveler, "but I have learned to never question the ways of this mysterious world. " "Still," he said," it is yours to keep."

Maria gazed at herself in the mirror for a long time. "No, she said, it is not mine. Many have searched for this prize and it should belong to everyone. " I will place it out for a final hunt tomorrow then it will go into the possession of the Duc and Duchesse de Coeur for display in the Grand Chateau de Languedoc. There, it can be seen by all and enjoyed or not as one prefers." " The first to find it will be rewarded as due. " She said.

"You are wise for one so young". said the traveler with a grin.

"I think it runs in our family, yes father? " She replied with a haughty smirk.

"It does indeed child, it does indeed." He laughed.
By SkyeRyder Varriale 
Photo by SkyeRyder Varriale
MariaLouisa Muircastle assembles the winning pieces of the Queen's Trumeau.  Photo by SkyeRyder Varriale

After a long, arduous adventure, the final pieces of the Queen's Trumeau were laid out for all to see at the Coeur Fair on Sunday, March 6th. It seemed only fitting that MariaLouisa Muircastle was one of the winners, given that it was her family's honour at stake.  Seamus Gabardini also came away with a trumeau, which he shared with his other "partners in crime", Drake & Norma.  After all, they were a big help in the process!

It is so your turn..get in here by Seamus Gabardini
"It is so your turn ... get in here".  Photo by Seamus Gabardini.

For those adventurers that haven't quite finished yet, the clues & mirror pieces are still in the Duché and twenty RPS Influence points will be given for each piece collected.  Contact TatianaDokuchic Varriale for more information.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quest for The Queen's Trumeau - Victory!

Queen's Quest Victory Dance by Seamus Gabardini
Seamus Gabardini, Fletch Kidd & MariaLouisa Muircastle celebrate their quest victory with a traditional beer! dance at the Duché de Coeur Opera House.  Photo by Seamus Gabardini.

A month after embarking on the Quest for The Queen's Trumeau victory was sweet for for this intrepid team!  They waded through swamps, dug through caves and drank endless cups of tea & coffee as they puzzled their way across the Duché de Coeur completing Parts 1 to 3.

Congratulations go out to Seamus Gabardini, Fletch Kidd, MariaLouisa Muircastle, Drake (the German Shepherd) & Norma (the mule-not shown)!

There's still time left to complete the quest and I'm sure any one of the adventurers already celebrating would be glad to lend a helping hand (given the right incentives that is :)) ).  After all, I hear that Seamus is still trying to pay off his purchase of the diving gear.

Queen's Quest In Progress 01 by Seamus Gabardini
"Convincin Drake its his turn to go back in and look for Clue no 8"  Photo by Seamus Gabardini.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Affair to Remember

Coeur Fair 100206
Anxious & excited, I wait as Helena Loudon peers into my future. Who could that dark & handsome man on bended knee be?

New friendships were made, old friendships renewed at the Coeur Fair during the weekend of February 5th to 7th. Merchants were still busy setting out their wares when the first of the crowds started to arrive Friday evening, launching the festivities that lasted throughout the extended weekend.

Everyone was in excellent form as they participated in the various activities including the fortune telling, knife throwing and bobbing for apples. MariaLouisa, Baronesse de Coeur, was most diligent in pouring rounds of beer & the wonderful Duché wine which I'm sure had something to do with the spontaneous outbursts of dancing whenever someone yelled "beer!".

Coeur Fair 100207

My heartfelt thanks to all of the participants who made this event one to remember. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next month, March 5th to 7th.

See Duché de Coeur - The Coeur Fair for more information.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quest for The Queen's Trumeau

Quest for The Queen's TrumeauOnce upon a day gone by
a lady came to France
to aid the queen as well she could
in court, as fate perchanced.

As the months and years were spent,
a deep, fond friendship grew
between the Queen and this young girl
that no one could undo.

Her majesty was vain of heart
and had a Trumeau gold
it's gilded frame, it's fragile glass
a wonder to behold.

A glass so finely crafted
it gave back more than took
and all who viewed themselves in it
wondered how fair they looked .....
By SkyeRyder Varriale

The Duché de Coeur announces its first RP Quest with a hefty RP$ Prize among the goodies to be found at the end. The Quest is expect to last for several weeks and everyone is invited to partake in the fun! Find out more at Quest for The Queen's Trumeau

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Duché de Coeur: The Coeur Fair - Help Wanted

The Coeur FairThe Duchy will begin hosting a monthly Fair the first weekend of every month with the first one slated for February 6th & 7th. This will be an opportunity to meet & mingle with your fellows and have an all-around good time in a relaxed, country atmosphere.

The use of the RPS Role-Play system is encouraged (but not necessary) to take full advantage of this event. Find out more at Duché de Coeur - RPS Getting Started.

Set up will begin 6am Friday February 5th. Take down 6pm Sunday February 7th.

A schedule of event times will be posted so that you know when you are most likely to meet people there. Each participant will be limited to 20 prims though exceptions may be granted (contact me to arrange for more prims). You will be assigned a specifc area for your set up.

We are looking for a variety of people:
Merchants - selling goods for RP$. You can do this a number of ways including the use of RP$ Vendors (contact me for more information) or by actually being present and selling the items directly. Bartering & trading is encouraged. Any item applicable to the time period is welcome including, food, herbs, flowers, art, healing potions, furniture etc. There will not be a charge for these merchants.

Merchants - selling RPS Compatible goods for L$. Spaces are limited and there will be a L$100 fee to participate.

Merchants - selling goods for L$. Spaces are limited and there will be a L$100 fee to participate.

All merchants are encouraged to be present Sunday February 7th from 12pm to 2pm SLT at a minimum.

Services - earning RP$. It would be great to have people offering different services: healing, fortune telling, musicians, magicians, jugglers, kissing booth (PG kisses only ;) ) Please use your imagination! The times for these will be advertised as individual events.

Contact TatianaDokuchic Varriale (here or inworld) for more information, to reserve your spot and/or to schedule an event time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ephemera Designs: Historical Costumes in SL

Ephe Luik is the creative force behind Ephemera Designs. Her historical costumes are made with a lot of love & I just love to wear them. This fabulous video shows off some of her collection and I'm delighted that she used my version of The Queen's House in the Queen's Hamlet for some of her interior shots.