Saturday, March 31, 2012

Petit Trianon: Parterre Instant Spring Garden

This delightful spring garden is perfect for avid and novice gardeners alike.

Based on the original design for the  parterre of the Petit Trianon , the formal lines of the four planting beds and small, clipped hedge borders are accentuated by brightly coloured masses of flowers that sway gentle in the breeze.  The full arrangement is a symmetrical pattern with the two beds of the right side mirroring the two beds of the left.

It sets up with the touch of a rez box for instant visual impact.  All parts are mod/copy so that you can rearrange and make changes to your heart's content.  Every piece has been optimized to be prim conscious.
- Planting beds (left & right sides) with small clipped hedge borders and grass centres
- Cherry Tree in full blossom
- Pink Cone Flowers (Garden Flexi Flower 28)
- Paper White Flowers (Garden Flexi Flower 65)
- Variegated Hosta w Blue Flowers (Garden Flexi Flower 16)
- Yellow Calla Lilly (1 prim w 4 flowers straight-17)
- Pink Calla Lilly (1 prim w 4 flowers straight-20 & 1 prim w 4 flowers staggered-20)

One side of the garden requires a Land Impact (LI) of 56 to rez and position.  Once the garden is in the correct spot and has been Stored (removing the rez scripts) the LI drops to 42.

The TTR-Instant Spring Garden will be on display inworld at the  Petit Trianon French Garden Parterre for the Spring 2012 season.  During this time the flowers and garden beds may also be purchased individually.

Also available on the Second Life Marketplace at: TTR-Instant Spring Garden (SLM)

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