Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Passion for Porcelain

Louis XV Fontainebleau China 03

The Louis XV Fontainebleau China Collection - Tatiana's Tea Room SL.

Sevres Porcelain traces its roots in France to early craftsmen who had small manufacturing operations in such places as Lille, Rouen. St. Cloud, and most notably Chantilly. It is from Chantilly that a cadre of workers migrated to the Chateau de Vincennes near Paris to form a larger porcelain manufactory in 1738. French King Louis XV, perhaps inspired by his rumored relationship with mistress Madame de Pompadour, took an intense interest in porcelain and moved the operation in 1756 to even larger quarters in the Paris suburb of Sevres. Sevres was also conveniently near the home of Madame de Pompadour and the King's own Palace at Versailles.

Ultimately, the Sevres Procelain Factory produced items under the name of "Royal" and thus the well-known Sevres Mark was born. King Louis XV even mandated laws that severely restricted other porcelain production in France so as to retain a near monopoly for his Sevres Porcelain. The king even willingly became chief salesman for the finest of his products, hosting an annual New Year's Day showing for French nobility in his private quarters at Versailles. He eagerly circulated among potential buyers, pitching the merits of ownership and policing the occasional light-fingered guest.
From Antique China Porcelain & Collectibles: Sevres Porcelain History

It seems that I am in good company with my "passion for porcelain" since I can include amongst our numbers Louis XV and the lovely Madame de Pompadour. Who would have thought that the King would have been a pitchman for the "finest of his products"!

Louis XV Fontainebleau China 06

I had a wonderful time making this SL collection with the delicate rose & gold patterns created by Jean Charles Sioux in 1756 for Sèvres knowing that the RL collection was first used by Louis XV & Madame Pompadour and later by Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette during their stays at Fontainebleau.

The Tea Set includes: tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, 2 cups w saucers, linen napkin & 3 gold spoons on a gold scalloped serving tray.

It is scripted so that you can select from hot tea (steaming cups), cool tea or empty cups. It also dispenses an animated tea cup that allows you to sip your tea.

The 5 piece place setting, China I, includes: Gold Charger, Large Plate, Small Plate & Soup Bowl w Plate.
You can select from steaming or cool tomato soup, potato soup, pea soup or an empty bowl.

The 6 piece serving set, China II, includes: 4 Large Plates, Oval Dish & Covered Bowl. Look for the 1 & 2 tier cake stands, the plate of Petit Fours that dispenses animated cakes for you to eat and the coordinated Gueridon to display your individual pieces.

The Louis XV Fontainebleau China Collection is sold as individual pieces & in sets at my main store. The sets can also be found on the SL Marketplace: Tea Set, China I, a 5 piece place setting, China I, a 6 piece serving set.

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