Monday, June 29, 2009

Château Fleur

Sunrise at Château Fleur

Having worked diligently in the French Garden of the Petit Trianon over the past week (to the point where my rl garden is now extremely jealous), I am delighted to announce the opening of the first of two residential rentals, Château Fleur.

Situated on the eastern point of the garden, it's the perfect location to enjoy a SL sunrise. Sheltered by mature trees and surrounded by water on three sides, a private dock allows you to moor your own boat so that you are ready to explore the duchy by sea.

Le Chateau de Compiègne supplied many of the stone and boiserie details including those from the Salon des fleurs. Wide expanses of glass make for rooms full of light and the three balconies allow you to relax and dine outdoors. A full security system is also included.

Visit Château Fleur inworld.

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