Sunday, July 12, 2009

Queen's Hamlet: The Queen's House

The Queen's House Rental
Construction began right away. Procrastination was not part of the
agenda. Excitement was. Nevertheless, and not counting some
formidable obstacles, the Anglo-Chinese Garden, started in 1774, would be
completed by 1782.
From Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles by François Halard

I love to imagine Marie Antoinette and her "Trianon team", Richard Mique, Antoine Richard and Hubert Robert working together to create the botanical wonders of her domaine. I have certainly been thinking of them as I am constantly "adjusting" my own version of The Queen's Hamlet.

Recently I have begun a bit of an update to the residential area. You will see that the Queen's House is now located on its own private isle, surrounded by navigatable water & accented by beautiful flora.

The Queen's House Rental

The Queen's House was designed to have a rustic exterior, actually being faux painted and distressed to give it the look of a Norman peasant home. The interior was lavish and beautiful as only a home built for the Queen and her closest friends could be. Its intimate rooms provided for much more comfort than the grand Queen's quarters of Versailles could.

This SL version uses boiserie details from le château de Voré and le château de Compiègne to achieve it's elegant atmosphere, while the kitchen wallpaper is from la maison Bonaparte. All of the casement windows are fully functional and the smoking chimney can be controlled by a simple touch. A full security system and discrete teleport system are also included.

Being "fit for a queen", The Queen's House makes the perfect private residence.

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