Friday, September 11, 2009

Pirate Raid over Normandie

Trasgo Beaumont-Pirate Raid on Normandie

Ahoy, The local Gentry of the Duchy de Coeur desire to be entertained by a race of combat (SPD/TSS) vessels in the waters of Normandie Coeur. All Seaman, Pyrates and Landlubbers who can Captain a ship invited to attend.

~~~~~~~ Captains ~~~~~~~
Captains must come with their own ship and enrol in the race a few minutes minutes before the race starts. Of course, Captains could participate with his usuall crew or enrol some of the assistants to the event at their own discretion.

The race will start in Normandie Coeur East Bay and run through Normandie Couer Harbour. The Captain who scores the highest total of points (100 to the 1st to complete 5 rounds of the course.. 50 to each who completes the course and 10 bonus points for each mine hazard destroyed) will be judged the winner and have the honor of being awarded a trophy by the Duc and Duchesse de Coeur.

Slower vessels proving to be a hazard to navigation of the course may be hastened along by cannon fire as Captains deem fit to engage. Mariners are cautioned that spectators may also fire upon their vessels from ashore in an effort to tip the scales for their favorites. Additionally it is rumored that Normandie waterways may be mined. Vessels which are sunk during the race will be considered beyond repair and disqualified from further competition.

In the event that no vessel remains sufficiently sea worthy to complete 5 rounds of the course the winner will be determined by the last vessel remaining afloat and able to make way.

The race will begin on Sunday Sept 13 th at 8 bells ( Noon SLT). Please do feel free to come and practice the course in advance. Fair winds, following seas and good shooting to all participants.

~~~~~~~ Civilians ~~~~~~~We encourage specially all the residents or friends of the Duchy of Coeur to come and help against this naval attack. We have place around the docks and shores all the cannons that we found ready to use and need your help to shot the ships and sink them all, avoididng a possible terrible raid over our beautiful lands!!!!

The Duc and Duchesse de Coeur will award civilians that show their decision and good aim against the assault forces.

~~~~~~~ Party ~~~~~~~At the end of the event, all people, winners and losers, civilians and seamans, pirates and landlubbers will be invited to participate in a great pirate party in Languedoc Taverne, near the beach, where all together we will finish all the rum and wine that we find in the Duchy's cellars!

Contact Seamus Garbardini & Trasgo Beaumont for further information.

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