Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Destination: Duché de Coeur

Duché de Coeur - coastal view by Inara Pey

Inara Pey from Living in a Modern World: Thoughts on Virtual Living dropped by the Duché recently having discovered it during our 2nd Annual Arts & Music Festival

Though I somehow managed to miss her visit (note to self: you should really get out & about more) I was delighted that she enjoyed her time visiting the Coeurs and wrote:
Every once in a while as one travels around Second Life, one comes across a place that is so utterly unexpected, that one cannot help responding to it by thinking, “This is what Second Life is about!”
Duché de Coeur is just such a place.
The Duché has been an ongoing "labour of love" not only for myself and my business partners, Skye & Bedrich but for the whole community who help to make history come alive in a most enjoyable fashion.  It's always such a pleasure when someone new discovers our virtual world and enjoys it!!

Read the full article at Destination: Duché de Coeur.

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