Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flat Ebbe: The Age of Enlightenment

It only seems appropriate that I take Flat Ebbe back to my home in 18th-Century France.  I know that he's been run off his feet this week as a result of Strawberry Singh's Flat Ebbe Linden Meme and so I figured that a quick tour through the Age of Enlightenment might make for a bit of a respite and perhaps some, well, enlightenment.

After touring the French Gardens outside the Petit Trianon, we paused for refreshments in The French Pavilion while I pondered the advice that I could/would/should offer this new Linden Lab CEO.

It's not like I'm a stranger to offering advice, solicited or not, to CEOs.  My real life (RL) resume is pitted with examples but as I said in  Adventures w Flat Rod: Rod Humble Crept into My Life with regard to Second Life (SL): I'm just one among the many and for the most part I'm very content with our at-arm's-length relationship.

I hauled Flat Rod around because it was a lot of fun mixed in with a little bit of empowerment: I suspect that I want Rodvik to see what I see, the beauty, creativity and the community of Second Life. It's not and has never been a game to me. It's something unique, something worth tending & nurturing.

What three pieces of advice will really help a new CEO go forth to "tend & nurture" while still keeping an eye on the bottom line?  Thank goodness Berry didn't ask for more than three because this could easily turn into The Song that Doesn't End!  So here goes ...

Go forth, explore & connect: I believe this process has already started. Good!  Keep it going!! Set the Lindens free to wander the vastness, experience the beauty, enjoy the communities (inworld and online) and recharge their creative batteries.  If the only connection the Lindens have to SL is the official forum and JIRA they'll end up jaded & depressed in no time.  Nothing can suck the soul right out of you quite like listening to a continual "round of rants" so balance those customer concerns with some inworld fun, enthusiasm, knowledge & inspiration.

Give some thought to the little guys & outliers:  I'm not exactly sure what the SL target demographics are but I'm pretty certain my niche community's not included in them.  I run with a crowd that loves to explore history, art & architecture.  For the most part we're RL professionals and we're old (think 40+ if you average us out).  Like many other niche groups we're very interested in the potential for education and would appreciate any related improvements.

We're also great ambassadors for our SL niche. We constantly promote it and have enough RL credibility to at least be considered.  Throw us a bone!  Give us some support through your marketing.  As a SL Affiliate I have a hard time even picking out a banner advertisement with some relevance to my SL.  Vampires & kids in bikinis really don't work for me.  Work with us to dispel the "all sex, all of the time" perception of SL.

And speaking of the little guys ...

Consider some financial breaks:  My SL business partners & I are small land baronets with one destination estate that has provided a stable environment and excellent service  for over six years.  We work like dogs, watch the trends and constantly adapt; which is how we've managed to remain a viable business this long.  It isn't easy.

I've read many discussions concerning financial breaks for those that aren't large land barons but it's hard to vet viable options without access to the numbers for a proper analysis of the impacts on both LL and its clients.  From what I've seen, including the Homestead pricing debacle, LL isn't always clear on the impacts themselves.

Nevertheless, even a small break would make a big difference to our financial situation and starting small would probably be an excellent strategy.  Reducing all Homestead prices back to US$95 would definitely be beneficial.  If Homestead prices just can't be lowered, increasing the Homestead Region Capacity to 7500 would provide some much needed breathing room.  Think about it!

And so ends the advice for the day.  I believe it's time to go out and enjoy another SL adventure.  Perhaps Flat Ebbe would like to see more of the Jardin Français or venture out in a rather leaky sailboat to tour the Duché de Coeur coastline. 

Bon Voyage! 
Flat Ebbe: The Age of Enlightenment by  on 2014-04-17 Tatiana drags Flat Ebbe on a quick guided tour through 18th Century France and the Age of Enlightenment 

Image: Tatiana Dokuchic (click to enlarge)
Room & Furniture: TatianaDokuchic Varriale (excluding music stand)
Dress: Ephe Luik

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  1. Tatiana, what a lovely post - and an important one! Thank you for noting your concerns in such a gentle yet clear way. I truly enjoyed the read - and a look about your blog. Wonderful!
    Of course, I love the Tea Room, Jardin Français, and Duché de Coeur. Thank you and your partners for all you do there to bring elegance and beauty to SecondLife!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings & for your kind words, Mireille. I appreciate them :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Berry! Thank you also for this meme & for Flat Ebbe. Too much fun :)