Friday, May 29, 2009

Petit Trianon: Billard Room Boiserie

Petit Trianon Billard Room
I'm delighted to announce the release of The Billard Room Boiserie!

I created this collection for The Billard Room of the Petit Trianon. In rl this room has recently been restored with plain white boiserie. I decided to be a bit more elaborate in sl and took my inspiration from "la salle des jeux de la reine Marie Antoinette" (Marie Antoinette's games room) in the Chateau de Compiègne. I used details from the wallpaper and boiserie which abounds with cherubs and flowers on a white background.

Petit Trianon Billard Room
The collection consists of five single walls and three murals which can be purchase individually or in two sets. The sets offer a 20% discount.

As with all of my textures, these are intended for your private use (Mod, Copy, NO Transfer).

The PT-Billard Room Collection is available at my main store and on the SLM at Murals , Walls .

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