Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

I've always considered May Day to be one of the most magical days of the year.

The thought of it certainly evokes a jumble of ideas & images in my head. Pagan rituals celebrating the growing season; the absolute relief of making it through another winter; Flora the goddess of flowers; the May Queen; the Maypole; Mayday (as in "help me" or "m'aider"); Anne Boleyn's world crashing down around her at a May Day Tournament. Did they really put the Queen of the May to death after the celebrations were over? Perhaps May magic is so powerful because of the dark & the light but at this time of year it is so easy to believe that the light is in ascendance!

Now on to a few SL updates.

The Duché de Coeur Landscape Painting contest has ended and our winners based on your votes are:
1st Place: 'Aquitaine Coeur Nord' by Janeloradana Janus
2nd Place: 'Sunlight beams into Untouched Silence' by Prissy206 Hammond
3rd Place: 'Wheatfield' by Morrigan Morrisey

A Special Masters Choice Award was Given by our Duchy Master Artist Trasgo Beaumont to: 'Waiting' by Morrigan Morrisey

Special Non-Cash Ribbons, the Duc and Duchesses' Choice Awards, were given to a selection of others we felt deserved special recognition. Please drop by the Canal in Languedoc Coeur to see the paintings and awards.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, we enjoyed seeing everyone's work!

The SL Discovery Gridwide Hunt starts today!

Tatiana's Tea Room is store #111 and the hunt is circular so you can start there if you like. I have "hidden" the magnifying glass which contains the gift but it shouldn't be that hard to find.

Find the official hunt information at SLDiscovery Hunt.

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