Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tatiana's Tea Room: Take Two

Tatiana's Tea Room has move to the Petit Trianon

A new chapter is beginning for Tatiana's Tea Room and I couldn't be more excited!

Renovations on the Petit Trianon have finally reached the point where it was possible for me to start setting up shop.  I've been busy setting tables, arranging flowers and researching new artwork.  In other words, I've been living my SL decorator's dream :)


In order to move things along, I've had to compromise on some of the authentic Petit Trianon detailing especially with regard to the boiserie that makes each room so unique.  It's already been a six year journey for this re-creation and I though see no end in sight I'm still having a great time working on it.

Large Dining Room looking into the Antechchamber

I did manage to track down and install the four paintings commissioned by Louis XV for the Dining Room, quite a tale, best told on another day.

Large Dining Room looking into the Salon

You will find that those rooms which are still under construction have been locked as I certainly don't want any unsuspecting avatars falling through a hole in the floor!

Large Dining Room looking into the Small Dining Room

Even with some rooms closed, there's still lots to see on both the main & ground floors. Hopefully the numerous floor plans and a few discretely placed teleporters (for those just too impatient to walk from one end of the chateau to the other) will help you find your way and give you a feel for the original architecture.

Small Dining Room

So drop on by and take all the time you need to explore Tatiana's Tea Room.  You'll most likely find me there, covered with plaster dust :)


Tatiana's Tea Room: Take Two by  on 2014-02-09
A new chapter is beginning for Tatiana's Tea Room

Images: Tatiana Dokuchic

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