Tuesday, June 18, 2013

French Ephemera: Paris et Poulet

Exposition Universelle (1889) ~ Eiffel Tower, Paris

I have just started reading Paris: The Novel by Edward Rutherford; a multigenerational saga that covers 700 years of the city's architecture, culture, society and history.  Yes, I'm in for the long haul on this one and I'm going to enjoy every minute!
So far I've been introduced to  Monsieur Eiffel as he is working on the Statue of Liberty. He believes that this immense undertaking may be the greatest achievement of his career but of course we know that the Eiffel Tower is still looming in his future.  Don't you agree that one of the best things about historical novels is that, in many cases, you don't have to cheat and skip to the end of the book to know what's coming up next!?
And so, having the Eiffel Tower on the brain, I was excited to come across a poster advertising the 1889 World Fair for which it was constructed.  This beautiful piece of French Ephemera set me off on a delightful tangent.

Now Ephemera is defined as "any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved".  French Ephemera is particularly lovely to my eyes and, apparently, those of many others, if you judge from its current popularity.  Designs that were originally intended to be transitory have not only survived but are now thriving in new and unexpected applications.  Inspired, I grabbed my chance to join in on the fun.

Louis XVI "Poulet" Arm Chair ~ Blue
I started with the Louis XVI "Poulet" Arm Chair or the "Chicken Chair", as I affectionately think of it, using the classic lines of a Louis XVI chair as the perfect frame for the striking graphics.  I paired the majestic rooster with wreaths of wheat on the seat, chair back (not shown) and arm rests.  Sacks of grain have never looked so good!

Louis XVI "Poulet" Arm Chairs ~ Red & Black

Since I couldn't decide on one favourite colour, I included a colour selection menu allowing you to pick from black, red or blue detailing which is highlighted by the white linen fabric.  This mesh chair  comes with four adjustable poses (two for relaxing and two for dining) and has a Land Impact(LI) of 11.
Having satisfied my country cravings, I went from chick to chic.
Louis XVI "Paris" Arm Chair ~ Red
The Louis XVI "Paris" Arm Chair uses watered silk fabric with raised, gold thread embroidery to make its statement. Second Life seamstresses were busy sewing the Paris logo on both the front & back of the chair back and the wreath on the seat.

Louis XVI "Paris" Arm Chairs ~ Six Colours

I used six bright, jewel tones reminiscent of a display of French Macaroons (if it wasn't for the copyright issues my next chair should really use the Ladurée logo).  This mesh chair has four adjustable poses (two for relaxing and two for dining) and a LI of 11.

Both chairs are available in either "Copy" or "Transfer" versions from the Second Life Marketplace (see textual links) or my store inworld.  You can modify both of them.

French Fashion Plate 1778

And so ends my first foray into French Ephemera via Second Life.  I'm sure it won't be my last as I'm absolutely enchanted with the idea.  After all, what can be more ephemeral than virtual furniture!

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Images: Exposition Universelle Unknown;  French Fashion Plate 1778 Vintage Ephemera; All other images by Tatiana Dokuchic.

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