Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kitchen Garden: Lemon, Orange & Herbs

Parc de Versailles, with the orange trees in boxes

I had a wonderful time dreaming of orangeries, parterres and the sunny, south of France as I continued my Adventures in Virtual Gardening this week.  It seems that working with potted lemons, oranges and herbs can conjure up a special type of magic that can make even the dreariest of days a whole lot brighter!

Lemon & Orange Topiaries
I started the week by transforming my popular, prim-based topiaries, into brand new, mesh versions. The Lemon & Orange Topiaries now have a Land Impact (LI) of only one so these citrus trees, in their striking, clay pots can be used en masse as they are in Versailles.
TTR-Kitchen Garden-Orange & Rose
The potted topiaries are the perfect compliment to the newly released TTR-Kitchen Garden-Orange & Rose which is filled with yellow & orange Roses & Pansies, Daisies, blue Agapanthus and Meadow Grass that sways gentle in the breeze.
TTR-Kitchen Garden-Lemon & Strawberry

And of course, we can't forget the TTR-Kitchen Garden-Lemon & Strawberry with its pink & yellow roses as another perfect partner.

From these larger potted plants, I moved on to smaller, but equally delightful, potted herbs.
TTR-Kitchen Garden-Potted Herbs
Since I couldn't narrow down my favourite herbs, I created one potted plant with seven variations controlled by a selection menu.  Not only does this allow you to change between the Basil, Lavender, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage or Thyme plants but the pretty, flowered labels also change along with them.

TTR-Kitchen Garden-Potted Herbs

TTR-Kitchen Garden-Potted Herbs are all mesh with a LI=2 per pot and make a lovely addition to your kitchen, patio or garden.

Everything listed here is available inworld at The Queen's House.  The textual links provided will take you to the appropriate Second Life Marketplace page or you can see the complete Kitchen Garden collection.

Of course working on these had me singing Scarborough Fair the whole time.  Now if I could only smell all of those wonderful lemons, oranges & herbs.

As it turns out, with a little help from Monica at The Yummy Life, I could!

Check out her DIY Natural Room Scents.  I've been using them for months now and I really love them.  I think the lemon & rosemary combination is my favourite.

Now if we could only automate that aroma on Second Life!


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Images: Parc de Versailles Wikipedia;  DIY Natural Room Scents Monica; All other images by Tatiana Dokuchic


  1. Thanks you for your note to Les Amis du Coeur. I first saw the title and thought it was about marmalade! I can imagine the orange blossom scents drifting towards my afternoon tea. MMM!

    1. Well I can certainly understand why you would think that, Hailey!

      Thanks for dropping by to check things out & for the image of orange blossom scents & afternoon tea :)