Friday, June 28, 2013

Kitchen Garden: Roses

French Chateau & Pink Roses

It's no secret that I absolutely adore roses; throw in a French Chateau, make the roses varying shades of pink and I'm in heaven!
I've always wanted to create a complete rose garden for the Petit Trianon but just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Seems that with my Second Life, as with my real life, there are just too many enticing projects and just not enough time!

 This probably explains  why I've been sneaking roses into my Kitchen Garden collection every chance I get.  I guess that I haven't really been too subtle about it since there are Cabbages & Roses and Lavender & Roses and I've actually held myself back from doing Asparagus & Roses ;)

Now, in a further attempt to satisfy my virtual-rose cravings, I've revamped my popular Potted Rose Topiary into a great new set.
Tatiana Stops to Smell the Roses
This updated topiary is now a mesh model with a Land Impact(LI) of only one! 

The set has five different colours; purple, red, pink, yellow and peach; all of them copyable.  As an added bonus, it also includes a copyable rose topiary (LI=2) that allows for colour selection.  Perfect for those of us who like to place a plant and then easily change the colour on a whim.
To keep things consistent, I've used the same classic pots as I did for the Lemon & Orange Topiaries.  These striking containers are made of clay and decorated with the fleur de lis.  Of course, the very best virtual soil guarantees that the roses will bloom continually throughout the year.
You can drop by to smell the roses inworld at The Queen's House.  You can also see the TTR-Kitchen Garden-Potted Rose Topiary Set page on the Second Life Marketplace as well as the complete Kitchen Garden collection.
Happy Gardening!

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Images: French Chateau & Pink Roses Unknown ; All other images by Tatiana Dokuchic

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